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Welcome to Reboot / The Damaged Bads

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Storyline: When Render was young, his friend Violet died from a mysterious illness. Traumatized from his loss, Render began acting erratically and was eventually arrested. After psychological tests, Render was put on medication.. but the medication only made matters worse and it wasn't until the birth of his sister, Valentine, that Render began to settle down. Although he recovered, Render never forgot Violet and not a day passed where he didn't think of her.

After a dismal high school experience Render enters college and meets Amy, a quiet girl he sits next to in class. Render and Amy grow closer as both don't know anyone. Eventually they begin a relationship, a first for both. Months later, the relationship is beginning to sour. Render has invited Amy for a walk in the park, where he will tell her that he doesn't want to see her anymore.