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REBOOT: Episode 3

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Release Date: 05/08/2006 Running Time: 3 min Size: 1.4

Synopsis: As Amy discusses her sordid past with Render a mysterious object falls from the sky. Far away from Render and Amy, on top of a building surrounded by police and helicopters, a young man wills himself to jump and end it all. Will he succeed? Who is this mysterious new character?... and what is falling from the sky?

Release Notes: This episode is a bit short but a few interesting things do happen and we finally get to see what is falling from the sky. We get our first introduction to a character committing suicide on a building-top, at this point when I was working on the series, I was going to have this character as one of the main characters, like Render or Amy or Violet.

However, I decided to hold off until later in the series because with the addition of Justin, there were too many characters to provide a backstory for and I wouldn't be able to get the already slow-moving story off the ground. He pops up much more in Damaged Bads than Reboot.

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