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REBOOT: Episode 10

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Release Date: 04/19/2008 Running Time: 18 min Size: 12.4 mb

Synopsis: Render's tranformation is finally complete, is this the true Render? Somewhere else in the city, a religious fanatic makes his way towards Render and the group.

Release Details: During the time I was animating this episode, I was taking a class about German expressionism at The School of Visual Arts. At the time, the class had a big impression on me. So much so, that I tried to work some of the concepts into the storyline.

The sub-title for Reboot 10, "Render's Game", was inspired by Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. Ender's sister in Ender's Game is named Valentine as well. I didn't just borrow some names, I also used some of the same dialogue techniques used by Card. When dialogue is internal or spoken directly to someone's brain, it is surrounded by <> symbols. I also thought it was a little Orson Scott Card-like to have a ten year old girl contemplating whether she should kill a grown man or not.

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