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REBOOT: Episode 9

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Release Date: 11/18/2007 Running Time: 18 min Size: 12.1 mb

Synopsis: As the characters are forced to confront one and other, Smite wreaks havoc in the Mushroom Kingdom... well, what's left of it anyway. When will Smite's carnage end?

Release Details: This episode is tied with episode 12 as the longest of the series. The scene with Render in space and the opening intro are two of my favorite scenes in Reboot. In this episode viewers also get to see another section of the hard drive, where Norton's worker's are attempting to reboot the computer to flush out an infection.

At the end of the Reboot sequence, we can see that it fails. That scene is important because it shows how Norton initiates things inside the computer, they do it by dancing and creating "algorithms". This comes into play later in the series.

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