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REBOOT: Episode 2

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Release Date: 03/18/2006 Running Time: 4 min Size: 1.9mb

Synopsis: This takes place a few months after the first episode, Render and Amy are dating now....But something isn't right...and the arrival of a new and out of place character will change both Render and Amy and the world they inhabit.

Release Details: As you can probably tell from the release date, I started Reboot 2 only a day or two after finishing and submitting Reboot 1 to newgrounds. Beside Nes Dreams, I hadn't done a serious flash in years and when reviews started rolling in for Reboot 1 and they were positive, I decided I'd immediately start on Reboot 2.

At the time I had just had a break-up with someone and I was depressed, classes at college were easy and because I didn't have a job at the time, I was sitting around doing nothing. So I figured, why not use that useless time to get better at something. Even if i wasn't the best animator, I could get better and I knew I had a vision, I just had to get better at transferring my vision from my brain, to my hand, then to the computer.

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