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REBOOT: Episode 8

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Release Date: 04/13/07 Running Time: 11 minSize: 9.4 mb

Synopsis:  The entire world is beginning to crumble and the city is on fire. After the group comes under attack by a robot sent by Norton Antivirus, Render suddenly begins to change. What is he changing into though? What exactly does Violet have up her sleeve?

Release Details: This episode is interesting in that Link, Rock(megaman), and Mario are all in it at the same time. My idea of using original game characters is something I've gotten a lot of flak for.. but it's something I'm so sure about.

In Reboot, the game characters call themselves "the roms" because they are illegal emulator files. Smite has been given the job of killing all of these Roms, then finishing off with the rest of the hard drive.

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