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REBOOT: Episode 12 – Part 1

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Release Date: 12/05/2010 Running Time: 8 min  Size: 75mb

Synopsis: Justin loses control and the tables are turned on Violet. Meanwhile, Link begins his "psychological audit" with the Polybius twins.

Release Details: Reboot 12 represents the series evolving into something new. It started as a sad but cute 8-bit tale about a young boy losing his best friend... but Reboot has changed and become something very different.

The Polybius twins have a bigger role in this episode, I tried to make it abundantly clear that they are attracted to each other. In episode 11, I hinted at it a little, by showing them together inside a giant heart image but I didn't really allude to their sexual deviance.

Smite returns back to the story in this episode, I bet a few people forgot about him. He'd spent the last couple episodes travelling to find Render because he could 'feel' that Render was stronger than him. It might seem like Smite is taking a backseat to other things but his entrance into Render's world will be quite devastating. You'll have to look for it in Reboot 13.

My goals for episodes 11 and 12, besides characterizing the Polybius twins, was to give Violet as much screen time and characterization as Render has had in the entire series up to this point.

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